Recycled Newspaper Crafts for Kids eBook

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Make 29 different easy crafts from recycled newspaper.   

Kids will love using recycled newspaper to make each craft have that something extra special and unique.   


The recycled newspaper crafts included in this ebook are: 

  • Stuffed Panda
  • Stuffed Koala
  • Stuffed Sheep
  • Painted Raccoon
  • Stuffed Zebra
  • Stuffed Penguin
  • Stuffed Turkey
  • Painted Sloth
  • Painted White Tiger
  • Stuffed Sea Turtle
  • Painted Cow
  • Painted Bunny
  • Stuffed Platypus
  • Painted Penguin
  • Stuffed Turtle
  • Songbird Mobile
  • Painted Dalmatian
  • Stuffed Elephant
  • Painted Ladybug
  • Painted Black Sheep
  • Stuffed Snail
  • Painted Skunk
  • Stuffed Unicorn
  • Stuffed Owl
  • Painted Giraffe
  • Painted Chipmunk
  • Painted Butterfly
  • Stuffed Mouse
  • Painted Bumblebee


This ebook includes:

  • 29 unique crafts for kids using, all using recycled newspaper to create
  • Step-by-step tutorials for each simple craft, including photos 
  • Printable templates for crafts as needed  
  • Supplie lists 
  • Printable paper eyes for an eco-friendly option to googly eyes 


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