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One of the best ways to teach anything, especially learning your name, is through hands-on play activities.  These name crafts are the perfect thing...

This collection of simple paper crafts is designed to teach name recognition and name writing to preschoolers.  I have even put on my pediatric OT hat and give you some proven tips and strategies for using these name crafts most effectively.  

*Recommended for ages 3 to 6


This collection includes name crafts with the following themes:

  • Dinosaur Name Craft
  • Flamingo Name Craft
  • Pencil Name Craft
  • Pumpkin Name Craft
  • Ice Cream Name Craft
  • Train Name Craft
  • Snowman Name Craft
  • Flower Name Craft
  • Rainbow Name Craft
  • Turkey Name Craft
  • Giraffe Name Craft
  • Caterpillar Name Craft
  • Pizza Name Craft
  • Rocketship Name Craft
  • Christmas Lights Name Craft


Each craft includes:

  • Materials list
  • Step-by-Step directions (with images)
  • Printable template 


And don't miss out on your bonuses, including a weiner dog and crocodile name craft, a training video and more.  

 Whether you're teaching your preschooler or toddler at home, work at a daycare or teach preschool, this collection of name crafts are going to make your life a little easier as you bring an element of fun to teaching children their names, which a big step toward kindergarten preparation.  


*This is a digitla product.  No physical product will be delivered.  

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