Kids' Crafts eBooks

Get all of your favorite kids' crafts from "In the Bag Kids' Crafts" compiled in these eBooks with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and lots of visuals to guide the way for crafting memories with your family!  All templates included so that you have everything you need for crafting. 

And, as always, we stick to our master list of craft supplies that fit into one bag.  It's like a capsule wardrobe for crafting.  We've carefully curated 27 basic and inexpensive items to be mixed and matched into the most incredible kids' craft creations.  The best part is, once your bag is filled, you are more prep.  Plus, we have chosen these items to minimize the mess too (no glitter in sight)'re welcome.  You can find the printable list to fill your kids' craft bag so that you are ready to craft along at: